Titleist Stand Bag

Playing golf involves carrying all your equipment while playing. There are a lot of considerations in choosing the right golf bag. It may not be a big deal for some but golf bags actually improve the player’s performance. When you select your golf bag, you should consider not only the comfort of carrying it but the ability to organize your clubs, tees, scorecard and other golf accessories as well. The last thing you want is not being able to find what you exactly need during a golf match.

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A Titleist Stand Bag, unlike poorly constructed golf bags, allows you to focus and play your best game. The brand always makes sure their products go beyond delivering the traditional golf bag features.

The Titleist Premium stand bag is one of the best stand bags of the brand. The club area of this Titleist stand bag is divided into seven sectors. The three full-length dividers run the length of the bag, where the club storage space is further divided into four major sectors. The division of the areas is for golfers who prefer to separate their different clubs.

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This Titleist stand bag has the outstanding Titleist/Sun Mountain legs with large rubber feet. It is very stable and the legs can easily be extended and have independent suspension that works best on uneven ground. It also has sheaths where the legs can be zipped so they won’t be bent or tangled when traveling or using a cart.

The Premium stand bag is a good organizer that has ten pockets, which truly provide abundant storage options. This Titleist stand bag also has a nice velour tie to store an umbrella and a round ring to attach a towel. The downside of this bag is that it is quite heavy, weighing 6.2 pounds. However, the bag rests evenly across the shoulders, giving an even weight distribution across the bag. There are large pad cushions to support the user’s lower back. One of the outstanding features is the handle that is incorporated into the rim of the bag. It is easy to grasp this handle to securely place the bag on the ground and the strap can easily slide in one simple motion.

In terms of appearance, this Titleist stand bag is something you will be proud to flaunt. This elegant-looking bag comes in six colors: black, red with black trim, denim blue with silver trim, navy, green with black trim, and dusky orange with black trim.

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