Titleist Cart Bag

Don’t you just envy professional golfers who have caddies to carry their bags and pass them the clubs they need? Golf as a sport is already very expensive with all the important equipment that need to be changed every now and then. Plus, golf club memberships are very pricey. Let’s admit it; having cadies is a luxury that can further drill a hole in our pockets. It will be practical to buy a durable golf bag like a Titleist Cart Bag.

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When you select your golf bag, you have to think about your physical condition and how serious you are as a golfer. It is very taxing to carry a full golf bag around the course and it may lower your energy levels. There are different kinds of golf bags you can choose from. The first are carry bags or travel bags, which are the smallest golf bags. They are made of lightweight materials like nylon or plastic. These are used by amateurs or enthusiast golfers in shorter distances, where the golfer uses and brings only a few golf clubs and balls. Carry bags have stands on them so they can stand alone when the golfer is playing, as well as a back strap so they can be carried while walking.

Another kind of golf bags are tour bags that can carry up to 14 different clubs. These are commonly used by professionals and serious golfers, which are typically carried by caddies. These kinds are very expensive because they are usually made from leather. The third are cart bags, which are bigger than carry bags but smaller than tour bags. They are specifically designed to be carried on golf cartsor buggies. They are aimed to be used by older golfers or lady golfers because they are fairly large but can comfortably fit into electric or push trolleys.

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Investing in a high-quality Titleist cart bag will be very convenient and economical. These bags can come with a high price but they certainly last longer. Titleist has created the Lightweight Cart Bag collection, which include the TB1CT5-06, TB1CT5-0, TB1CT5-4, TB1CT5-00, TB1CT5-03, and the TB1CT5-04.

Titleist cart bag in this collection is constructed with a reverse top-cuff design and a 14-way divider system. All the bags have an external putter tube and numerous pockets, which are made with lightweight materials, making them the perfect choice for players who often use a cart. Integrated in these bags are easy-lift handles with a padded sling so carrying them is easy.

For maximum golf performance, choose your Titleist cart bag now!

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